Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational to everything we do and is woven into the strategies, practices and future of the JLD. We are an organization of strong, diverse women committed to building a better Dallas. Our work and the work of organizations like ours is never done. 

We do not stand with you in words alone.

Personal Study Resources

A diverse organization is a strong organization. One key to fostering a robust and inclusive environment is learning. We have curated a list of valuable resources for those who are interested in broadening their perspectives.

View exemplary D&I Resources here

View our Partner Agencies and Issue Areas here

In-League Training

The JLD strives to educate its members on diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. We provide Member programming designed to provide education around issues facing diverse populations, including people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community and different socioeconomic backgrounds.