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Since 1922, The Junior League of Dallas has welcomed new members, transfers from other Leagues and reinstatements. We are an organization of strong, diverse women committed to building a better Dallas. Our committee is not only dedicated to making your experience as personal as possible, but to provide you with information about our distinguished achievements in the Dallas community and ensure you feel welcomed and informed of the journey to Active membership. We look forward to getting to know you at our InfoShare events.

The League welcomes women who value its mission. The League is committed to inclusive environments of diverse individuals, organizations and communities. There is no deliberative process in the admission system.


 Applications for the 2024 – 2025 JLD Year are now OPEN.
Click HERE to complete an application.
Applications close March 11, 2024.




Forms & Application

When applying please note you will be responsible for the following financial obligations:

  • Application Fee: $50 Nonrefundable
  • Membership Dues: May 31 – $295
  • Provisional Course Dues: May 31 – $75
  • Application

Diversity Statement

Our commitment to equality and inclusion is as vital as ever. Both values are foundational to everything we do and is woven in to the mission, strategies and admission practices of the JLD.



Prospective New Members must be at least 22 and not have reached her 45th birthday by June 1 of the year she is sponsored for membership to be eligible for application for membership.

For the 2024 – 2025 membership year, your birth date must fall between these two dates: June 1, 1979 and May 31, 2002.


There are no residency restrictions; however, the member must be able to travel to meeting locations in Dallas.


Prospective New Members need TWO sponsors: a Lead Sponsor and a Co-Sponsor who are Actives and/or Sustainers in the Junior League of Dallas. (Provisionals are not eligible to Sponsor.)

It is the responsibility of the Prospective New Member to secure two sponsors for herself. If the Prospective New Member cannot secure two sponsors, the JLD will assist them through our Sponsor Pool.

How To Join

Learn More

Stay tuned for more information on our InfoShares to learn about the Junior League of Dallas and How the Work We Do Matters.


Find Two Sponsors

JLD members are everywhere; search your circles – friends, work, your place of worship, professional organizations, social media and other charitable organizations you are involved in.

We encourage you to interact with potential sponsors. They are a great resource to learn about The Junior League of Dallas.

Members of other Junior Leagues are not eligible to sponsor Prospective New Members of the Junior League of Dallas.

Sponsor Pool

If you are unable to find two sponsors, you may request assistance from the Sponsor Pool. (You can request this in your membership application.) Current Active members and Sustainers of the Junior League of Dallas volunteer can serve in the Sponsor Pool.

Both sponsors can be solicited from the Sponsor Pool.

*Please note that regardless of whether you arrange for your own sponsors or utilize the Sponsor Pool, you must fill out the Sponsor Form.

Completing Your Application

  • Create your profile.
  • Submit your sponsor form. To complete this form, you will need the email addresses, phone numbers and JLD Member Numbers of your two sponsors unless your are requesting sponsors from the Sponsor Pool.
  • Pay $50 non-refundable application fee.


InfoShare Recording

Missed an InfoShare? That’s okay! Here is a recording of the event with all the information you’ll need to know before applying.


For questions, please contact