JLD Blog: President’s Perspective

Tuesday, June 1, 2021


Welcome to the Junior League of Dallas’ Centennial year!

For 100 years, JLD has been devoted to developing the potential of women, promoting volunteerism and shaping our city through the leadership of our trained volunteers. I am honored to serve as your president as we celebrate the League’s devotion to Dallas and set a strong foundation for the future.

The past year challenged the League, our community partners and each of us personally in ways we could not have imagined. Through every trial, members like you rose to the occasion. I saw committee chairs completely change how they operated to continue the League’s functions seamlessly, Project Chairs creatively engaged our community volunteers when in-person volunteering stopped and our leadership responded to an ever-changing dynamic with the pandemic and social unrest. Through it all, we are still rising to meet the needs of our community, our families and the future Dallas.

One of the reasons why we’re able to celebrate a century together as an organization is that we continue to learn and evolve to meet the needs of our members and Dallas. Last year, we learned how to connect and engage differently. Even as we are able to gather again in person, we will continue to lean into innovation and offer virtual meeting options to our members to allow for broader engagement and flexibility. Additionally, we are building on to the Diversity & Inclusion Summer Series that began in July with expanded conversations about critical issues that affect our community.

Looking beyond this summer, we’re excited to begin celebrating this milestone year, starting with an exhibit at the Hall of State at Fair Park during the 2021 State Fair of Texas. This showcase is presented through a generous donation from Sewell Automotive Companies and will display 100 years of JLD’s “Legacy of Leadership, Devotion to Dallas” and the women who made so much happen, including historical documents, memorabilia and photos. Mark your calendars to enjoy the exhibit from September 24 through October 17, 2021.

When I think about the first 40 members that started JLD in 1922, they probably could not have imaged that the League would grow to more than five thousand members, shape an everchanging city and be the voice, arms and legs for so many in need. While it’s almost impossible to know what Dallas will look like in the future, I am confident that our organization will continue to be an essential force serving and shaping our city.

As members, you play an important role in crafting the vision of how the League will serve the community for the next 100 years. I look forward to seeing how each of you will further our mission this year.

Rising with you,

Christa Sanford
President 2021-2022